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Best Beer Apps for this New Year


There are a plethora of beer apps which have crowded the app market. But here are some special apps for Christmas and this New Year.


Pouring beer from your phone is not a reality yet. Until then we can have beer apps which have tricks to virtually drink beer in copious quantities. One can have a favorite beer app for Christmas that is going to enlighten and entertain you about beer in the process.


Happy Houred

This app provides all information about beer, liquor and wine specials which can be found in your neighbourhood for free. Now that you will enjoy for sure, less hassle and more beer!



Pintley is basically IMDB and Facebook blended together. Pintley is in fact a huge beer database and an interactive social network. One can rate beers you like and the app will land some recommendations and points from its side. Each of the top users of the month are chosen at random and given out free gift cards. The app is free for iPhone and Droid.


Beer Cloud

Beer Cloud is the nerdy equivalent for studying beer which utilizes the Great Brewers community for information. Beer Cloud is perfect for getting food and beer pairings and perfect for brewing beers along with a comprehensive history. This app is sure to impress friends after you craftily class it up.


Beer Stat

Beer stat is an important app to keep track of the beer that you have been drinking. Mostly, one beer leads to another and it becomes difficult to keep track since the beer gets our vision cloudy and hazy. This mobile beer tracker makes keeping track of the consumption easier and assesses the dollars you spend on it every week.


Beer Universe

The Beer Universe app helps you discover more than 3,000 beer profiles and rate them based on aroma, flavor and palate. The app syncs with the info which is found on the Beer Universe website, and the recommendations are sent keeping in view of the palate.


Find Craft Beer

Location-based apps are hugely popular nowadays and involves searching for any type of restaurant or beer and anything under the sun. Find Craft Beer is the perfect app to search for quality craft beer in a location near you.



This app is great for those who create their own brews and recipes since it provides comprehensive information about the brews. One can even start brewing after getting the app.


The Beer Bible

The Beer Bible is one app which has a long history and is a fantastic app for those who like to find new information about beer and its origins. It gives exclusive access and information about beer and its brews and where they are normally found in the world. There are hundreds of different breweries to select from the world over along with the relevant terminology that is used in different parts. The app also has the facility to post observations and comments and share them right on Facebook and Twitter.


Testing the apps is extremely difficult but we have done some from our side. There are many other beer apps for Christmas which will help you feel free and enjoy this festive season.


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